Periodontal Treatments

Our Cleanings

At the dental practice of Dr. Hillyard and Dr. Monroe, we stress the importance of good oral home care. We want our patients to come into each cleaning with healthy (non-bleeding) gums and no decay. In order to achieve this goal Dr. Hillyard and Dr. Monroe find that the best oral home care routine is brushing twice daily with an electric toothbrush, flossing daily, and using a water pick. We will work with you to help you understand how to properly care for your teeth and determine the best home care regiment based on your needs.

 Hygienists, Michele and Danielle, use the latest technologies to provide you with the most thorough cleaning possible. You will be able to tell the difference immediately after a Hillyard dentistry cleaning versus your former dentist’s cleaning. Your mouth will be the cleanest it has ever been.

Our hygienists have a broad array of the latest hygiene equipment to suit every patient’s personal needs. Our cavitron is used to debride heavy calculus through sonic vibrations and flushing the area with warm water. The cavitron is also wonderful for removing stain. Our baking soda spray is used for harder to reach areas and is particularly great for children in orthodontic brackets. We have multiple flavors of prophy paste to choose from and will give your teeth a thorough polishing once all calculus and plaque have been removed.

Sensitivity During Cleanings?

Ask for Oraqix! A cleaning at the office of Dr. Hillyard and Dr. Monroe is completely comfortable.  We can apply topical (no needle) Oraqix at your gum line to help minimize the discomfort of your dental cleaning, particularly if you have not had your teeth cleaned in a long time.

Crest SensiStrips are also applied to one – three teeth areas of more severe root sensitivity at the start of cleanings when patients make us aware of these areas during our initial evaluation.