If you have lost teeth due to trauma or decay, dental implants can rejuvenate both your smile and your oral health. Implants are an amazing tool to replace missing or severely compromised teeth.

An implant is a titanium screw that is surgically placed into the jaw bone. The screw mimics the form of a natural tooth root and supports the future crown that attaches on top of the implant. The titanium of the implant is the same as that used in joint replacement surgeries.

Implants do not negatively affect the adjacent teeth. Unlike a bridge, where you would have to cut down, or prepare, the teeth on either side of the space to replace the missing tooth, the implant goes into the bone between the healthy adjacent teeth and replaces the missing tooth without needing to cut the adjacent teeth at all.

Implant Surgery

Implant surgery is painless and often less uncomfortable for patients than having a filling. You will be completely numb using local anesthetic (just like a filling) for the entire procedure. You will most likely receive a few stitches at the end of the procedure that will need to be removed in one week. Implant surgery is straight forward and pain free.

Caring for Your Implants

Implants must be maintained just like natural teeth. You must brush them twice daily and floss them. We strongly recommend using a water pick as well to clean them and wearing a night guard to protect them from nighttime clenching and grinding forces. Implants are just like natural teeth; they require good care. It is very important to keep them clean and receive regular professional cleanings. Just like natural teeth, the better you maintain your implants, the longer your implants will last.