What is the best way to whiten my teeth?

          Many people come into our office wanting whiter teeth, using whitening toothpastes, and experiencing sensitivity.  We have several pieces of advice for them.


  • It is the main cause of tooth sensitivity in all of our patients.

          2. Begin using a toothpaste for sensitivity.

  • Brands we recommend: Sensodyne, Proenamel, Prevident, or any name brand tooth paste that specifically states it combats sensitivity (and does not mention whitening).
  • Use Sensitivity toothpaste for at least 2 week before beginning any bleaching regiment.

          3. Try crest white strips

  • They are less expensive than in office bleaching and often very effective.

          4. Still not white enough? Consider in office bleaching

  • We create trays custom made to your teeth that hold our bleaching gel in the proper positions to evenly whiten ALL of your teeth.
  • We take an initial shade and monitor your progress in office every 18 days to ensure your teeth are lightening to the shade you desire.

One last piece of advice… the best time to bleach your teeth is immediately after your 6 month cleaning. This ensures that all interproximal calculus has been removed and is not blocking the bleach from reaching your tooth surface. Additionally, plaque can also block bleach and cause areas of your teeth to not absorb the bleach, therefore remain yellow. Make sure you are adequately brushing 2x/day and flossing daily to remove all plaque from your tooth surfaces. 

            Call today to set up your own a bleaching consultation visit with Dr. Hillyard or Dr. Monroe:  610-566-0291

Check out our new website featuring Dr. Gregory A Hillyard and Dr. Alexandra Hillyard Monroe

Check out our new website featuring Dr. Gregory A Hillyard and Dr. Alexandra Hillyard Monroe, our favorite Media, Pennsylvania dentists!  With Dr. Monroe becoming a permanent part of our office, it was the perfect time to re-do the website.  Dr. Monroe and her husband are now happy residents of Newtown Square, PA.  They have put down roots and plan to stay.

Dr. Monroe has been a wonderful addition for our patients. Her special expertise in implant dentistry gives our patients the opportunity to take advantage of the excellent implant training she received during her residency in New York City.  Her experience has made her very current on all the latest techniques and training available.  Our patients now have the convenience of having their implant done right in our office by Dr. Monroe.

Special thanks to our local website designers Barton South Communications. It was a delight to work with them on this website! Take a minute and peruse the new site when you have a chance!