About Us and The Community

Family History in Media, PA

Dr. Hillyard's family have lived and worked in Media, PA for generations. His grandfather, Dr. Pike, became one of the first dentists in Delaware County when he opened his practice in 1909 at the corner of State and Olive. When Dr. Hillyard's uncle took over the dental practice from his father, he moved the office to a property immediately adjacent to his parents home on 2nd and Monroe in downtown Media.

Dr. Hillyard's love of dentistry began in his uncle's Media dental office where he spent many childhood weekends visiting his grandparents and playing in the dental lab. In 1985, Dr. Hillyard graduated from the University of Pennsylvania just like the generations before him. He went on to become the third generation dentist in the family. In 1993, Dr. Hillyard's uncle retired, and Dr. Hillyard took over the practice, and in 1995 he moved the practice to its current location at 47 State Road.

The current office, a farm house built in 1916, was originally the home of Pierson Pike, Dr. Hillyard's great uncle. The property at one time had 35 adjoining acres and served as an asparagus and celery farm. Pierson's daughter Anna Retta Cushman lived in the home until it was purchased by Dr. Hillyard and his wife, Diane, in 1995. It was important to them to maintain the original house with its rich history, and they painstakingly renovated the building and added an addition on the back, the current location of the dental operatories. In 1997, Dr. Hillyard and his wife received a plaque and recognition from the historical society for their efforts in restoring this historic property.

Growing up, Dr. Monroe was always fascinated watching her dad, Dr Hillyard, in his dental office. From the time she was a little girl. she had a propensity towards medicine and helping others.When her little brother would get a splinter in his finger, he would immediately go to his sister to remove it rather then his mom, which led to her family nicknaming her, Dr Ali. Dr. Monroe has always loved to make tiny art projects. Now, she applies that artistry and skill to making beautiful smiles.

In 2014, Dr. Hillyard welcomed his daughter, Dr. Alexandra Monroe to the practice. With training and experience in cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry, Dr. Monroe adds a fresh, new component to the office.

Dr. Hillyard and Dr. Monroe's strong roots in the town of Media have given them a strong appreciation for the town's rich history, and both dentists and their staff are proud to be active members of the Media, Pennsylvania community.

Keeping it Local

Dr. Hillyard and Dr. Monroe are celebrities at local elementary schools, where he and giant puppet "Flossy" visit often to teach kindergarteners about dental care. Flossy and Dr. Hillyard demonstrate proper brushing and flossing to help young students establish good dental care habits.

Dr. Hillyard is also a long time supporter of local little leagues and is a loyal contributor to the scholarship program at the Episcopal Academy in Newtown Square, PA.

We live in your community. We are your friends and your neighbors, and we remain as dedicated to the health and happiness of our community members as we do to the individual needs of each of our patients.